Monthly Challenge

NEGA Farm to School challenges YOU to do AT LEAST ONE farm to school activity EVERY MONTH in 2015.

Who are YOU?  Teachers, students, principals, school nutrition staff, volunteers, community leaders, parents, farmers, everyone and anyone who wants to participate!

Descriptions of the monthly challenges will be posted here, on the NEGA F2S Facebook page, and in the monthly newsletter.

When you complete a challenge, email evidence (photos and description) to with a subject line such as “Jan F2S Challenge, World’s Best Middle School” or “April F2S Challenge, Mr. Best Teacher’s 5th grade class.” Be sure to include your name and location/your school. Make sure everyone in photos that you submit is ok with being seen on social media sites such as Facebook and the NEGA F2S blog.

Awards will be given for the school/class with the most challenges completed. Bonus: completing the monthly challenges can help your school earn the prestigious Golden Radish Award!

Are you up for the challenge?!

 January 2015 challenge: Track your school-lunch food miles

Choose one cafeteria meal. Create a list of the main ingredients in that meal. Ask the cafeteria manager to provide a list of where the ingredients originated/were produced. It might take some digging to find out the origin of the products. Track the route of the ingredient from source to the school cafeteria. Calculate the miles covered. Go the extra mile to reduce your miles: Then, do some research to discover if the same ingredients are available locally or regionally. How much can your school-lunch food miles be reduced by sourcing locally?


February 2015 challenge: Friend a Farmer

Can’t take your class on a farm field trip? Invite a local farmer to come to you! Farming requires a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Farmers have be scientists, mathematicians, historians, engineers, mechanics, and much more. They are often also great cooks!

Contact a local farmer, ask him or her to bring a piece of their farm production into your school or classroom. Do your students know what keeps farmers busy when it’s snowing outside? Plenty! Ask the farmer to share what it takes to prepare for the growing season and what they have to do to keep winter crops going during this frigid weather. Start some seeds in your class that can be transplanted to the school garden or taken home with students when spring arrives.  Work with the farmer to create a standards-based farm to school lesson that your students will love!


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