Harvest Celebration
Date: October 8th, 6-8 p.m.
Location: Hilliard A. Wilbanks Middle School
3115 Demorest – Mt. Airy Hwy , Demorest GA 30535


You are invited to the Harvest Celebration for Georgia’s Farm to School pilot program. Meet the farmers, nutrition staff, educational leadership team and community volunteers who are making Farm to School a reality.

Farm to School is a nationwide movement that connects schools and local farms to serve healthy meals in school cafeterias, improve student nutrition, and farm and gardening educational opportunities.

Habersham County’s farm to school project will be a model for the rest of the state on how to incorporate food and nutrition education into the classroom, integrate gardens in the school environment, and bring local food into the cafeteria while working in partnership with our community and local farms.

Meet Farm to School Farmers

1. Chattooga Belle
2. Leah Lake Farm
3. Liberty Farm
4. Melon Head Farm
5. Mill Gap Farm
6. Mountain Earth Farm
7. Sylvan Falls Mill
8. Shook Farm
9. Trillium Farm
10. Wide Bottom Farm

Meet Farm to School Chefs & Nutrition Staff

1. Wilbanks Nutrition Staff
2. Chef Jamie Allred, Lake Rabun Restaurant
3. Chef Whitney Denham, Grapes & Beans
4. Chef Lindsey Payne, Lindsey Culinary Market
5. Habersham Co School Nutrition Director & Assistant: Paige Holland & Nicole Trunk

Meet Farm to School Educational Leaders

1. Mary Beth Thomas, Principal
2. Wilbanks Farm to School Teachers
3. Matthew Cooper, Supertindent
4. Habersham County Board of Education Members

Meet Community Leaders

1. Jennie Inglis, Volunteer Coordinator & Public Relations
2. Tanya Smith, Farmer Coordinator & Public Relations
3. Maggie Van Cantfort, Educational Coordinator & Public Relations





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