Summer camp gardens revisited

South Hab Raised Bed

Visiting the South Habersham Middle School 21st Century Project Camp garden.

I took my folks to see the 21st Century Project Camp gardens at South Habersham Middle School before school starts this week. They were impressed!

The corn we planted was taller than me and had big ears of corn on it!  Some of the beans were growing up the corn stalks, just like Miss Carol said they would.

Everything has grown! We took time to clean things up and harvest 2 different shaped tomatoes, 3 different colors of lettuce, yellow and green squash and marigolds.

Remember how I wrote about the squash taking over? Well, it did. The squash plants are crawling everywhere and they are covered with blooms, but there were only 2 edible size squash on them. I remember Miss Ann saying something about pollinators.

The cucumber plants were are all over the place, but they had only a few tiny cucumbers and some ugly, greyish-green ones.  Nothing to eat!

The marigolds are beautiful – and they sure do smell! I’m not sure that they are doing their job of keeping pests away, though. I saw bad bugs – grasshoppers and Japanese Beetles munching on the beans and corn. There were good bugs, too – ladybugs and bumble bees. Yay!

The tomato plants are huge and must’ve shadowed-out the carrots and radishes. I pulled some radishes,  long and skinny, like they were trying to find sunshine. We picked long (roma) tomatoes from one plant and small round (cherry) ones from the other.

The lettuce seemed happy. In one raised bed, it was pale green, in another it was green and red, and in another it was DEEP red.

Instead of taking the vegetables and flowers home with us, we gave them to the school secretary. She was surprised and pleased!

I think the gardens would do even better if I or someone had been there to take care of them. Maybe when school starts, we’ll be able to do that.


One thought on “Summer camp gardens revisited

  1. regina walker says:

    I am so happy this is in the developing stages. I hope this will continue throughout the state. This is my wish for our community. Healthy Kids…Knowledgeable kids on nutrition!! Decrease Obesity in our State!!! I am hoping to sign up to help you with this mission.

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