Hey – Camp’s over!

The last day of garden camp at South Habersham has come and gone.

            Miss Ann told us how to use a chart that says when to plant something and the number of days until you can harvest it. The corn we planted will be ready in September, the beans in August and the squash that we planted this week, in August or September. The yellow squash that they transplanted before camp is ready to pick. In fact some of it has developed a black rot. We won’t be eating that!

The sky was full of grey clouds and it seemed like it would rain any minute. It did rain, but not until the last 20 minutes of last period after lunch. Whew!

Miss Carol brought in a big pot of carnivorous plants. There was a snail on one of them. It was kind of yeucky and fascinating to watch, all at the same time!

We weeded, of course, and planted the last of the 3 sisters, the squash. These vegetables will be ready when we are back in school. Will we get to see them, harvest them, eat them?

Speaking of eating. We picked a really big zucchini last week and in Ms. Dorsey’s class we baked zucchini bread. Wow! It was really good, but it seemed funny baking with a vegetable.

I’ll miss getting to visit the garden each week, seeing what is new, weeding, and looking for creatures. I hope it is still here when school starts again and that I’ll get to work in it, maybe even pick the corn, beans and squash.

Camp is over! Gotta go!



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