Mom & Dad –


The squash just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It is taking over the garden (not really), but it is huge and has given us a couple of yellow squash with some zucchinis to come.

Miss Carol helped us see that some of the lettuces that we planted last week are coming up. They are tiny. And, the spinach leaves look like grass. We also saw the red of some of the radishes just poking up above the ground.

Miss Ann talked about companion plants. The pretty yellow marigolds in the corners of the bed are there to keep creatures away. The 3 sisters plan of our garden – corn, beans and squash – is an example of companion planting. Those huge squash leaves are really scratchy, maybe they will keep raccoons away.

The weather was perfect for growing today. Clear and warm. There was dew on the grass, and we had over a half inch of rain since last week. I just wish the wind had been more than “light and variable”. It was hot out there.

Even though we weeded last week, there were plenty more to pull this week. While we were weeding, we saw 3 worms in our raised bed.  We planted the pole beans around the young corn stalks. Those bean seeds look just like the dried beans that we cook with at home. We also planted micro-green seeds in milk jug containers to take home.

I like being in the garden. There is something different every week.  Maybe we can have one at home.


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