Hey Mom & Dad –


Hey Mom & Dad –

Our garden class today, the second at 21st Century Project Camp, was more exciting than last week. Some of the things we planted are up! The carrots are tiny, so small they look like the other weeds in the raised bed.

We did not do as much in the garden this week, but we had more time to do other things. We weeded, meaning we pulled out a bunch of little bitty plants. We know they are weeds because they are not growing in the places that we planted seeds last week. Planting the different lettuces was easy because the teeny-weeny seeds just need to be in contact with the soil.

We saw some bugs – good ones – in the garden, ants and a mayfly. Also, there are tiny cucumbers and squash on the plants, and the tomatoes are less green than they were. The squash, cucumber and tomato plants have pretty yellow blossoms on them.

Miss Ann told us that there are good and bad bugs. The caterpillars falling from the trees near our raised beds are bad. They are eating the leaves off the trees! I learned about bugs that poop, pollinate, prey and are parasitic.

The conditions at the garden were warmer today than last week with no wind. The clouds were coming and going pretty fast. We’ve had some rain, so the plants seem quite happy.

We had time to write in our garden journals with Miss Carol and read some of the poems. I wonder if we’ll be able to eat anything from the garden soon…




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