Dear Mom & Dad –


Farm to School’s first day at 21st Century Camp has come and gone. I’ll share with you the first entry in My Garden Journal.

The morning began clear and cool (65 F) and ended partly sunny and warm (80 F). The wind was light and variable, mostly from the west, and we’ve had .9” of rain since last week

I learned, saw and did a lot.

I learned the story of the 3 sisters, corn, pole beans and squash. That will be the centerpiece of our raised bed garden. I learned about safety in the garden, including what to wear to protect myself from the sun, critters and germs. I learned about soil tests from Miss Ann and how to read the numbers on fertilizer bags (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium).

            Miss Carol guided us as we all worked together in the raised bed. I dug the soil to create a mound. Then we planted corn kernels in the mound and marked them using pieces of venetian blinds. I also created a row for the carrots and radishes and planted those seeds. I gathered soil as if we were sending a soil sample to the extension agent. Yesterday we decorated the cover of our journals and today, we made our first entries in them.

            I saw the big, yellow squash blossoms and the tendrils of the cucumber plants. I saw the little green tomatoes and the blossoms of future tomatoes. I saw that the journal has lots of information in it, such as artwork and the legend of the 3 sisters, the results of the soil test for the soil in our raised beds, and poems about gardening.

            It was my first day in the South Habersham Middle School garden. I look forward to seeing what will be differentnext week.


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