The final day of the 7th Annual Farm to School Conference was a half day. I spent breakfast chatting with staff members from the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, which is based in Asheville. Later a gal from Marietta, my home town, joined us. She graduated from the University of Georgia School of Agriculture and is now teaching, and growing a school garden, in New Mexico.
I volunteered again during the morning session for a lively hands-on program about Curriculum Strategies for Early Care and Education Settings.
The closing plenary session was full of touching, challenging and meaningful presentations. It opened with a hands across the room moment of silence and was followed by a lively and soulful conference song. The song was a collaborative effort of many conference attendees and focused on the conference theme. The call and response refrain went like this: We’re powering Up. We’re powering on, working together arm in arm.
Anim Steel, founder of Real Food Generation, shared a video developed by a Real Food Challenge volunteer. It shared the sad by hopeful story of the collapse of our agricultural system and how we are working to rebuild it.
The final voice of the conference was that of Alice Waters, proprietor of Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA. Her message focused on fast food, and how most, if not all, of our society’s problems can be traced to it. By reworking our schools from the inside out, using food as the vehicle, we can raise up generations who will create a new world of health, purpose and prosperity for all.
During this closing session, these words percolated through to me: transformation, movement, enabling change, knowledge, creativity, welcoming, joy, intensity, experience, enthusiasm and most of all, revolution.


2 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Dale Latty says:

    What a wonderful series of reports from Austin. Thanks so much for the inspiring information. I am thankful to be a small part, with so many wonderful people, working to restore agriculture as a fundamental foundation block for the future. Innovation, education….. and peaceful revolution; a powerful combination.

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Dale –
      Thanks for reading about the conference and thak you for your participation! I love your phrase, “Innovation, education….. and peaceful revolution; a powerful combination.”

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