Westward, ho!

Even though I write this in Cleveland, the 7th Annual Farm to Cafeteria Conference is underway in Austin. It begins today with a range of workshops and field trips.

Folks are already there, attending programs such as Advocating for Healthy Food Systems Change, Partnerships Build Community Food System Power and a range of field trips featuring farm to cafeteria efforts in Austin.
Over 1,000 people have registered for the conference. One thousand people coming together around food system change! How exciting to imagine that many people. When I step back and look at the number it theoretically represents 20 from each of the 50 states. Twenty people from Georgia, and I am one of them. What a privilege and what a responsibility!
The conference attendees from Georgia represent 4-H in Johnson County, obesity issues with the CDC in Atlanta, the Cooperative Extension Service in Baxley and Savannah, the Athens Land Trust, the Atlanta Public Schools, the Southwest Georgia Project in Albany, the Captain Planet Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia Organics which works statewide, and of course Farm to School in Northeast Georgia.
I am on the move, catching a plane this afternoon out of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I’ll meet my niece at 4th and Colorado Avenue this afternoon and spend the next 2 nights with her. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be at the Austin Hilton early enough to register and attend an 8:00 AM southeast regional meeting where I will meet all of the folks from Georgia, plus many of those involved in food system change in neighboring states. Then, the conference is on full blast with the plenary session at 11:00.
Join me here for updates about this exciting event.
Westward, ho!


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