November Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month: Kim McClurg

“Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”  This quote is taken from the novel, Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman.  Kim McClurg, an 8th grade teacher at Wilbanks Middle School, had her students read this novel.  At first, I am sure her students didn’t expect any “wonders” by reading this novel.  However, it turns out Kim McClurg inspired her students to not expect wonders but to create them. 

After reading the novel, Mrs. McClurg’s 8th grade class realized the lasting impact they can have on Wilbanks Middle School just like the characters in the story.  To demonstrate that impact, they planted fruit trees.  With help from the local Lowes, the Roland family, and Catrina Pollard, they were all able plant thirteen trees and blueberry bushes.  Mrs. McClurg helped plant a seed in her student’s minds that they are responsible for being an important part of the community and by leaving behind their legacy of planting these fruit trees they have truly made a lasting impact.  The Farm to School motto is “It Takes a Community” and Mrs. McClurg reinforced this mission when teaching her 8th grade students.  The Wilbanks Middle School Farm to School program is fortunate to have teachers that integrate their lessons with what is going on in the school community.  Make sure to check out the photos from Mrs. McClurg’s 8th grade class and their fruit trees.  Thank you Mrs. McClurg for planting a seed in your student’s minds and being an inspiration to the entire community.  


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