November Farmer of the Month


Shook’s Family Farm is a small-scale farm located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains of White County.  The farm grows around 100 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, honey, gourmet mushrooms and is the Farmer of the Month for November.

Shook’s Family Farm is family owned and operated by Michael and Thelma Shook and their daughter and husband, Steve Rushing and Angel Rushing.  All of the planting, weeding, and harvesting is done by hand. “We try not to use pesticides at all, but when it is required we use the mildest and least amount possible.  After all, we are feeding our own families.  All of our produce is guaranteed fresh which means it is picked the day before market day. Our personal guarantee is “from our fields to your family in 24 hours or less” says Angel. 

There are 2 main reasons why Shook’s has an interest in the Farm To School program in Habersham County and will be growing eggplant, squash and peppers for Wilbanks Middle School this year. “First, as soon as school starts back our farmers market profits really drop.  Customer turnout is lower due to after school activities and sporting events, so we end up with surplus amounts of produce for this time of year.  Selling to the school gives us another market for our produce.  Secondly, from our past experience with working multiple farmers markets, we find time after time that kids have no idea where produce comes from, and even more importantly they take a genuine interest in learning about it,” explains Angel.  “They love to come each week to see something they’ve never seen before and try something new.  They are usually first in line when we bring in a dish to sample, and they have great questions.”  

Check out the Shook Family farm on their website:


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