At The Fair

A day at the fair? How about a week at the fair?! Volunteers with the Habersham County Schools Farm to School (F2S) program staffed a booth at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair from September 6 through September 14. That’s a lot of time at the fair!

Tanya Smith, a member of the F2S leadership team and Farmer Volunteer Coordinator, spearheaded the effort. She gathered material and created a display presenting the elements of F2S. She coordinated volunteer staffing of the booth, and spent many hours there herself.

Farm to School shared space with the Habersham County Future Farmers of America (FFA), so questions arose about the difference between the two programs. Zack Free, FFA advisor for the 9th Grade Academy, explained that FFA is a national organization with programs in rural school districts. It teaches students the skills needed to grow crops and raise animals.

Others asked if Farm to School is a nonprofit organization. F2S volunteer Jennie Inglis explained that F2S is more of a national movement and that the F2S effort at Wilbanks Middle School is a pilot program for the state of Georgia, funded by the Northeast Georgia Food Bank and Georgia Organics.

One grandfather, with a Wilbanks student in tow, stopped by to say what a great program he thinks F2S is. He read all about it in The Northeast Georgian!

Farm 2 School booth at Chattahoochee Mountain Fair

Farm 2 School booth at Chattahoochee Mountain Fair

An older Habersham County resident told stories of growing up as the son of a sharecropper in the Blue Creek area of White County. He said that two generations of people have been separated from farming and youngsters no longer know where their food comes from.

A few new volunteers signed-up to help with taste tests and the school garden. To participate in the F2S program at Wilbanks, contact Jennie Inglis, Volunteer Coordinator, or 706-348-7542.

Volunteers at the F2S booth gave out invitations to the October 8 Harvest Festival to be held at Wilbanks Middle School. It is a student and family evening of fun and food that is open to the public. Information about the festival can be found on the Wilbanks Middle School website:

Going to the fair for a day or an evening is lots of fun. Being at the fair all week takes a true commitment. Thank you to Tanya Smith and all the F2S volunteers that supported this effort. Thanks, also, to all who stopped by to voice their support and learn about Farm to School in Habersham County.

For information about the Habersham County Farm to School program, contact Paige Holland, School Nutrition Director, or 706-754-2110.


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