Summer does not mean a break!

Whoa have we been busy at WMS over the summer prepping for the new school year! July started with the opening of the Habersham County Canning plant.  This was an exciting event because the cannery has been closed since the summer of 2011.  We are one of 13 canning plants across the state and are proud to have a community that desires this fading art.  Although the cannery hasn’t been as busy as we would hope we feel that once the rain holds off for more than a day then farmers may have more produce to process.  So, if you are interesting in either jarring or canning ANY of your food please come see us!  We are located at the old Fairview Elementary School aka 901 Fairview School Road 
Demorest, GA 30535

The hours for the canning plant hours are Monday and Thursday from 7am-12pm and Tuesdays from 4-8pm.   We do have (401) tin cans for sale for .65 and to process jars is only .35.


If you have any questions about the canning plant please feel free to call the Habersham Co. BOE 706.754. 2118 and speak to Mr. Larry Hill. ImageImage


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