Hard work aint never hurt nobody!

The Wilbanks Gardens were a hot mess with all this rain and lack of grass cutting.  I promise it looked like a small jungle between the buildings.  We at Wilbanks are so fortunate to have people who are willing to donate their time to fix it right up!  Mr. Gary Church and his son Clayton went and bushhogged the big strip garden and then tilled it over again.  Our seeds did not germinate because of the tremendous amount of rain we have had in the month of July.  So we had to start from scratch.   


On the 6th we hosted a “Garden Cleanup” Day.  And boy did the gardens need it!  Mr. Danny Brooks created a fabulous plan for each of the raised beds and the big gardens. I’ve always said “Plan your work and work your plan”!  And boy o boy do we have a plan!  It is great to have resources like Mr. Brooks.  We completely cleaned out all of the raised beds and re-planted the big bed in preparation for the Garden Harvest Celebration.  The highlight of the morning was installing the new garden sign painted by a local farmer.  We are so excited about the fall and F2S!  Will post pics soon!


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